Showcase your products on LinkedIn's new product pages

Every day, millions of buyers search for products on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Product Pages connect your products to the world’s largest professional community.
February 19, 2021

Every day, millions of buyers search for products on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Product Pages, a new feature just released by LinkedIn, connects your products to the world’s largest professional community.

LinkedIn Product Page is a hub for brands to promote their products and services and grow their businesses, for product users to share their experiences and be recognized for their expertise, and for buyers to make confident decisions about products in a trusted environment. By bringing these communities together, LinkedIn aspires to build the world’s premier marketplace for B2B products.

The team at Human Digital is excited about this development and we have one key question for LinkedIn - many B2B businesses do not sell products, they sell services. Will organisations be able to list services on product pages?

There are three types of LinkedIn pages

  • LinkedIn Page - Establish brand presence with LinkedIn’s professional community. LinkedIn says they are best for top-funnel marketing: build brand awareness, highlight talent and culture, and showcase thought leadership
  • Showcase Page - Showcase brands / lines of business under one parent company. LinkedIn says they are best for mid-funnel marketing: further educate prospects by spotlighting portfolio of solutions and capabilities
  • Product Page (NEW) - Build a trusted community of experts and advocates around a specific product or service. LinkedIn says they are best for bottom-funnel marketing: connect prospects to experts, generate leads, and cultivate Voice of Customer

Filling out your LinkedIn Product Page

Here is what you will need to complete your page:

  • Product name (pre-populated by LinkedIn) 
  • Product category (pre-populated by LinkedIn) Your assigned category is based on LinkedIn market research data.
  • Product logo - Upload a logo specific to your product. Use your company logo if you don’t have a product-specific logo. Upload a square (1:1) image — any wide or tall image will be automatically resized to fit a square image and might become more difficult to read.
  • Custom call-to-action (CTA) button - Choose from six options: Download now, Get started, Request demo, Try now, Contact us, Learn more
  • CTA URL - Paste in the URL of the landing page specific to the CTA. Double check the link to make sure it’s working.
  • Product description - Add 1-2 paragraphs (that fit the 500-character limit) to tell page visitors what your product can do for their business. Descriptions that are clear, concise, and focus on the user benefits will resonate best. A company with multiple products will receive a “product list” page, where products are listed in alphabetical order.
  • Website URL - Add your company website URL or repeat your CTA URL —depending on your marketing goal.
  • Product users - Add the target audience for the product— up to 10 job functions or indicate your product is intended for everyone. Be comprehensive when adding your target users, as this impact show your product shows up in LinkedIn search results.
  • Visual assets - Upload five files (videos and images).We recommend a mix of three videos and two static images, as members respond well to video content.

Have you created a Product page on LinkedIn? If so share it with us.

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