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We are the design agency creating winning experiences for clients in Australia and New Zealand.

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Better business by design

Web design

Tired of your ugly website that doesn't work? We combine beauty and functionality so your business website stands out from the average.

Service design

Human centered design is our core belief.  We work with you to develop ideas for innovative services by keeping your customer needs at the centre of the design process.


Choosing what to do, and what not to do, is the definition of strategy. We take you through a process that will help you create and act on a strategy for your business.

Customer Experience

Why are better experiences important for your business?

Customers that have a positive experience will become loyal and will share positive reviews, increasing revenue.  The resulting reduction in complaints and returns will lower your costs.

We are design thinkers


Customer centric

We focus on solving the right problem for your customers by understanding their key pain points.


Builds on your current capabilities

The ideal solution builds on your current strengths to strengthen and build your competitive advantage.


Sustainably profitable

Our innovation process focuses on the value chain of your solution to ensure that it is viable now and in the future.

What our clients are saying

"Our new website has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from Australasian dealers and foodservice consultants. Human Digital provides a comprehensive project plan and holds regular meetings. "

Michael Brent


"Ben demonstrated both customer and commercial acumen to pave the way for a much more considered way of validating our initiatives."

Ange Black


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