Nick Brown

Digital Marketing Director

Nick Brown

Nick Brown is a passionate and experienced digital marketing leader with over 10 years of global expertise in the clean technology, energy, and building products sectors.

Proven track record: At CSR Building Products, Nick spearheaded the digital transformation of their start-up solar division, helping to drive the business alongside a dedicated leadership and sales team from a small venture to a top volume solar company in Australia through strategic digital marketing initiatives.

Passionate and future-focused: Nick thrives on collaborating with innovative companies shaping a better future. He leverages his deep understanding of digital marketing, encompassing areas like PPC, social, content marketing, B2B, and Account Based Marketing, to help businesses connect with their audiences and achieve sustainable growth.

Global impact: Nick's career trajectory reflects his commitment to expanding his reach and impact. He began his time at Human Digital by supporting clients in New Zealand, then progressed to supporting clients across Australia, and later across the entire Asia Pacific region. Today, he leads a global team, delivering exceptional digital marketing solutions to clients in all corners of the world.

Customer-centric approach: Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Nick champions a human-centred approach to digital services, ensuring clients receive exceptional value and support while fostering meaningful connections with their customers.


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