Email and AI revolutionise data collection

The report highlights the need for marketers to prepare for a cookieless future, as cookies have played a crucial role in providing valuable data and tracking user journeys.
July 17, 2023
"Without cookies, tracking users across the web is becoming increasingly challenging," states the Brandwatch digital marketing trends report.

With Google's plans to phase out third-party cookies on Chrome browsers in 2023, following Apple's restrictions on device identifiers on iOS, the impact on ad-tracking will be significant. Considering Chrome's dominant 65% market share of internet browsers, this change will heavily affect marketers.

The report emphasizes that the shift towards greater user privacy is the driving force behind Google's decision. However, it questions whether this means the end of cookies and how marketers can adapt to gather essential data in a cookieless landscape. A survey mentioned in the report reveals that 41% of marketers believe their biggest challenge resulting from Google's cookie changes will be the inability to track the right data. For those who rely on robust data for online advertising, pop-up ads, or audience targeting, it is crucial to explore alternative methods of data collection.

In 2023, we anticipate a rebalance of digital ad spending, with a greater emphasis on brand-building and less reliance on over-targeting. Marketers must be proactive in creating a positive brand identity that resonates with consumers as a whole, rather than hyper-specific targeting. A strong brand identity enables consumers to recognise your image across your digital presence.

Early Mover

Automated Creative harnesses social listening for ad testing. This tech company takes an innovative approach by leveraging consumer conversations online to test new ads. Instead of relying solely on advertising platform data, Automated Creative's analysts make data-driven decisions based on insights they gather from Brandwatch Consumer Research. By understanding why certain ads work better than others, they can optimise ad themes and content.

Tips for Marketers

Utilise consumer research platforms: In the absence of cookies, finding new ways to gather robust data is essential. Brandwatch Consumer Research can assist in conducting in-depth research, monitoring your brand, and connecting with your customers where they are.

Expand your database: Mitigate the impact of cookie changes by focusing on gathering more first-party cookies through methods like website subscriptions and customer surveys. Additionally, strengthen your SEO strategy to compensate for the potential loss in ad traffic.

Diversify your marketing tactics: With Google's new policy in mind, consider investing more in email marketing software, as indicated by 23% of marketers. Another option is to leverage cutting-edge AI tools to predict audience responses to your content, allowing you to optimise campaigns without exhausting your budget. Implementing robust marketing tactics beyond digital advertising can help fill the gap left by the absence of third-party cookies.

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