Putting people at the centre of web design

The UX design process begins by understanding the objectives of a business and how best to serve a target audience.
Web Design
November 9, 2021

By comprehending the psychology of a user, as well as applying UX best practices, it's possible to provide them with a positive and memorable experience. We've put together this guide to help you with the UX design process — every step of the way.

The UX design process aims for better web experiences

User experience design shapes the digital landscape of a website — guiding people through its expanse, and giving them something that affects how they feel. Visuals, content, structure, and navigation all come together to give someone a memorable experience.

End users are at the center of the UX. If someone is able to easily find the information they’re looking for, they’ve accomplished their goal and may return again.

UX concerns itself with an end users’ motivations. Why did they decide to check out a website? What information are they seeking? And what solutions are they after to the problems they may be facing? UX looks into the mind of a user, tailoring an experience that will give them what they’re after, in the least complicated way.

The elements of a design like navigational options, buttons, calls to action, and other interactions shuttles a users journey through a design — with content filling out the substance. UX design provides the intent for all of these in leading a user to where they need to go and what they should learn.

Any discussion about user experience must also mention user interface design. UI (user interface) concerns itself with the specifics of a design, touching everything from the typography used, to the look and feel of buttons and other interactions. UX design, unlike UI design, pulls itself back from these details and focuses on how someone will connect and engage within the product design. User experience designers take into account what people want from a web design and build an experience during the design phase that will meet these expectations.

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