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"Human Digital collaborated with National Transport Insurance Australia (NTI) to create a new website for Success Formula; specialists in safety, culture and leadership within the transport and logistics industry in New Zealand. The new website is optimised for user experience, conversions and search engine performance."
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August 7, 2022


‍Success Formula specialises in safety, culture and leadership within the transport and logistics industry in New Zealand.

They work closely with leading risk management and safety technology specialists as well as transport industry and leadership experts across NZ and Australia, including their parent company NTI, industry associations, and as part of the group of NZI Fleet Fit risk partners group.

What was the brief?

Human Digital was approached by the NTI team with a detailed brief and breakdown of the sitemap navigation for a new and improved website for Success Formula. The goal of this website was to improve the Success Formula brand and create a digital sales funnel where potential clients can learn more about the team and services offered by Success Formula. 

The website needed to be responsive, flexible with multi-column layout, easily editable, interactive, easy to use and represent the brand.

How did we approach it?

After analysing the proposed sitemap by the NTI team, Human Digital commenced the research phase and created a unique customer journey that is focussed on efficient information delivery and lead generation. The proposed sitemap was optimised based on the customer journey and the initial wireframes were built. Custom iconography and usage of colour allows the Human Digital team to create a website experience that represents the current direction of Success Formula.

Through a continuous collaboration and a direct feedback loop with the NTI team, Human Digital was able to deliver a website that exceeds expectations!

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Ben van Rooy

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