Sculptures by the Sea

Sculptures by the Sea, held since 1997, this free to the public exhibition captures the imagination of Sydney and its visitors for three weeks each spring and is the largest annual sculpture exhibition in the world.
November 7, 2022

The exhibition generates an almost unprecedented level of goodwill among the public as they enjoy one of the most unique events in the world.

Featuring over a 100 Sculptures, and great works from the artists like Marina DeBris, James Rogers, Stephen King, Naja Utzon Popov, Sally Kidall, Nikita Zigura, Joel Adler, Koichi Ishino and many more focusing on themes such as ecological balance, global warming, consciousness, human existence, imagination, abstraction, resolution, and repair.

Some of our favourites included:

Artist: Bruno Catalano, 'Benoit', Sculpture by the Sea
Artist: Dr. Peter Tilley, 'Spellbound by Shadow'
Artist: Nikita Zigura, 'Global Warming'
Artist: Paul Caporn, 'Head it is'

In addition to the exhibition this not-for-profit organisation donated its commission on the sale of the Ukrainian sculptures to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal with the artists also donating 10% of their sale proceeds.

Dan Wolody, President of the Ukrainian Council of NSW, said: “The decision of Sculpture by the Sea to support the Ukraine Crisis Appeal this year is not only a great financial and morale boost for the people of Ukraine, but it also sends a strong message of solidarity between Australian and Ukrainian communities. Events like this bring the war to ‘front of mind’, which is where we need to keep it if we are to win the war for Ukraine’s freedom. We’re hoping to raise $100,000 to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal if all the Ukrainian artworks are sold, which will provide much-needed support to all the refugees returning to their bombed-out homes.”

David Handley, Founding Director of Sculpture by the Sea, said “It was wonderful to see many Australians of Ukrainian heritage and recently arrived refugees from Ukraine unfurling and holding up the large Ukrainian flag today while singing their national anthem. Because of our friendships with Ukrainian artists, it was important to stage the showcase and unfurl the Ukrainian flag among the sculptures. Everyone who saw the flag and heard the singing was moved by the experience.”

Photo by: Sculptures by the Sea

One of our designers, Sri, has had the pleasure to learn about the artists and volunteer at the exhibit raising funds for next year.

‘’It is incredible to see the number of donations and support people give to the sculptors and the exhibit. Art really does bring the world together; it was wonderful witnessing the diverse population of Sydney from every nook of the world coming together to enjoy this exhibit. The drive of the truly passionate people volunteering to support this community of artists, sculptors and enthusiasts was heart-warming. As a designer, it was rewarding to help, and I hope to keep supporting the art and design community as much as I can in the coming years.’'

- Sri Vatsavai, Digital Designer, Human Digital.

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