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SCECS website redesign project for a site that was easy to navigate and provided a seamless user experience for all visitors
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October 10, 2023


Sydney Catholic Early Childhood Services (SCECS) is a provider of early childhood education and outside school hours care services several Catholic schools and Parishes within the Sydney Archdiocese.

SCECS operates a network of Catholic early childhood centers that offer education and care services for young children aged between 0-6 years old. 

What was the brief/need?

Human Digital was approached by the SCECS team with a detailed brief and breakdown of the sitemap navigation for a new and improved website. The goal of this website was to establish a strong digital presence, create an efficient lead generating website that is easy to use. 

How did we approach it?

Throughout the project, we ensured that we were aligned with our client's expectations by having weekly catch-ups with them. Our approach began with an intensive analysis of their competitors and gathering design inspirations to make informed decisions on how the website should look and function.

To improve the functionality of the website, we created different levels of wireframes and incorporated feedback from our client. Throughout the design process, we remained true to the client's brand image and story, carefully extending their iconography to communicate their values in a visually appealing manner.

As we moved into the development phase, we made sure to recommend solutions that were in line with our client's needs rather than just their wants. This approach allowed us to create a website that not only met our client's expectations but also provided an optimal user experience for their customers.

Our childcare client must safeguard children and families' privacy and well-being, including information on their website. We implemented security measures and tests, trained staff, and designed a secure website that met their standards for design and functionality. As a result exceeding client’s expectations in delivering a mobile friendly, efficient lead generating website, that can convert their web visitors intro prospective parents with a human-centred design approach.

Before Human Digital

After Human Digital

SCECS Homepage

SCECS About Page
Iconography for Values

News & Events Page
SCECS Locations Map
FAQ Page

Enrolment Page

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