Questions B2B Marketers Should Ask Sales Teams

Uncovering Valuable Insights: Key Questions B2B Marketers Should Ask Their Sales Team
January 26, 2024

In the competitive landscape of B2B marketing, understanding your product and customers' needs is pivotal. Your sales team holds a treasure trove of insights that can provide value perspectives for your marketing strategies.

Here are some critical questions that B2B marketers should ask their sales team to develop better product and customer insights:

1. What Are the Common Questions That Prospects Ask?

Your sales team hears first-hand the concerns and queries of potential customers. By knowing the frequent questions, marketers can tailor content to address these points, aligning marketing content more closely with customer needs.

2. Which Features Do Our Customers Value the Most?

Understanding what features resonate most with customers can help marketers highlight these in campaigns. It's not just about what your product or service does, but how it solves problems for the user.

3. What Are the Main Reasons Prospects Don’t Convert?

Knowing why prospects walk away is as important as knowing why they sign up. This information can identify gaps in your product or marketing approach and provide a roadmap for improvement.

4. Can You Describe Our Ideal Customer Profile?

Sales teams often have a clear picture of the ideal customer. This profile can help marketers target their efforts more effectively and personalise their messaging for greater impact.

5. What Is the Typical Customer Journey Like?

Understanding the customer journey from the sales perspective can reveal critical touch-points where marketing can play a role in nurturing leads and supporting the sales process.

6. How Do Our Customers Typically Use Our Products and Services?

Sometimes, customers use products in ways that were not initially anticipated. These insights can open new market opportunities and guide product development.

7. What Feedback Do You Often Hear About Our Product?

Regular feedback, whether positive or negative, is gold for product development and refining marketing messages. It provides real-world insights into how your product performs in the field.

8. What Are the Common Objections You Face?

Understanding objections can help marketers to preemptively address these in their content, smoothing the path for the sales team.

9. How Do Our Competitors’ Products Come Up in Conversations?

Insights into how competitors are perceived by prospects can guide your unique value proposition and help you position your product more effectively.

10. What Additional Support Could Marketing Provide to Make Your Job Easier?

This open-ended question can lead to valuable insights on how marketing and sales can better align their efforts for mutual benefit.

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