Planning your feed strategically

Tips to create and plan your Instagram feed strategically
Social Media
June 14, 2021

✨ Planning your feed strategically 👇

1. Create useful posts and empathise
Show that you know what your audience goes through and you understand their pain points. Also share potential solutions for it or how you can help.
Example: Show you understand your public by showing a problem but also giving a solution for it.

2. Share your mission with the audience
Remind people of your mission, who you are and what/why you do.
Example: Storytelling, share your story and your products and/or service.

3. Post to generate engagement
Post relevant content focusing on actions for your audience. Make sure to add a good CTA (call-to-action) button to create interaction between you and your audience.
Example: Mention @ friends in the comments; polls; ask a question.

4. Entertainment
Posts related to the market and aligned with your business that entertain and amuse your audience.
Example: What colour are you according to your astrological sign?

5. Create a post with the aim of selling your product or service
The benefits of buying your product or service and why it would benefit your personas.
Example: Reasons of why they should buy your product; pricing; link/CTA button to buy; photos of your product.

6. Human centered content
The goal is to create a connection with your audience.
Example: Share an experience that brings a valuable reflection and people can relate.

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