People ignore design that ignores people

Learning from Frank Chimero
September 18, 2023
"People ignore design that ignores people." - Frank Chimero.

This principle sits at the core of UX design because it helps to eradicate the very common issues found in website design. The main goal of any business is to make sure the end customers are happy and can navigate through the site without difficulty, so then UX designers have to focus on the real users against their biases. We have to understand the users needs, behaviour, expectations, motivations, and frustrations. Most of the designers tend to design product considering himself/herself the only user of the product. Using common user research methods such as interviews, focus groups, contextual inquiry, and shadowing may help to gather user requirements and needs.

A common misconception about UX is that it needs to be attractive and show all the creative aspects of a designer. Well, we cannot be stretching further from the truth if we go by this logic.

  • If you haven’t already defined the persona of an end user, it will be the first starting point to move forward.
  • What does this person look like, what is their age profile? Based on that what are the types of software and navigation they are used to?
  • A lot of times, the same web navigation might not be the best suited one for a 20 year old and a 50 year old. The technology adaptation levels would be different and so is the user experience they are exposed to.
  • User testing and reiteration methods are quite effective in perfecting your design solution for the end user.

Having a clear hierarchy, mapping out your site, consistency in design elements, context, ease in usability, using signifiers and affordances can be used as main principles to pay attention to if you want to create a memorable product experience for your users.

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The user experience is much more than design at this point. Do everything right once and users will stick throughout your application, without bothering you now and again. Having received good experience once, it can be difficult for users to let it slip. As nobody likes to walk away from a good thing. It is time for the marketers to get familiar with the world of UX. The more they mesh together the UX and marketing, the better overall experience your customer will have.

What is UX Design?

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