Meet Nick, Digital Marketing Manager at Human Digital

Nick is a passionate digital marketer with over 8 years experience working in the energy and building products sectors across Australia and New Zealand.
May 14, 2021
Meet Nick, Digital Marketing Manager at Human Digital.

Nick is a passionate digital marketer with over 8 years experience working in the energy and building products sectors across Australia and New Zealand.

Before joining the Human Digital team, Nick worked for CSR Building Products, an ASX listed company based in Sydney. Nick led the digital transformation of CSR’s start up solar division. “By shifting to a digital marketing led strategy we were able to grow the business from start up size to being recognised as a top volume solar company in all of Australia.”

Nick is backed by tertiary qualifications with a BComm and BSci from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.


Tell us about yourself and your background

Hey, I’m Nick, a passionate digital marketer. I thrive on helping businesses transition their marketing strategies to harness the benefits of digital.

I am also really passionate about the need for our societies to decarbonise. Ever since my time at Victoria University of Wellington studying Science and Commerce, I’ve viewed the world differently. I’ve understood the need for a sustainable, clean energy future and I’ve dedicated much of my career to helping global renewable energy brands, such as Tesla.

In Australia I led a marketing strategy that not only launched Tesla Powerwall into the market, but also helped grow a start up sized solar business to become recognised as a top volume solar retailer. A significant proportion of success can be attributed to our digital marketing strategy, backed and supported by a passionate marketing and sales team!

I know first hand that for marketing managers to succeed in today’s fast paced world they need to understand and utilise their digital ecosystem. It can be transformational for a business and lead to serious growth.   

What are the things you truly love about what you do?

I am a total futurist, I truly love working with companies that are doing clever things, preparing our world for the future and offering great solutions to customers right now.

I really enjoy utilising the power of digital marketing to help businesses reach and engage with their customers. Seeing a digital marketing strategy transform and grow businesses is what makes me tick.  

Whether it be launching a clever campaign to engage and impress customers, optimising a website to deliver more sales leads, or analyzing data to help improve the cost per acquisition. The combination of a clever digital marketing strategy, world leading products and an engaged sales team is where the magic happens.

What made you want to join Human Digital?

It’s really important in today's world for marketing strategies to encompass digital, it’s not always easy for the marketing managers to be across the details of what can seem like a complex digital ecosystem. 

Human Digital recognises there is a need to support clients with a human centered digital service, that not just helps connect our clients with their customers but also offers great value and support to our clients as well.  

Another reason I was drawn to Human Digital is their clients, many are at the forefront of what they are doing, leading their industries and the world. It’s a great feeling to wake up every day and know you are working with companies that are changing the world for the better.

Where do you find inspiration?

My passions are what drive and inspire me. I’m passionate about decarbonisation and the brands leading the transition to a more sustainable future, I’m passionate about skiing and protecting our winters for future generations and I’m passionate about digital marketing and helping companies reach their full potential.  Being able to work in a field I am passionate about always keeps me inspired.

Let's build something good together

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