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With the multitude of competitors to get ahead of it pays to leverage a strategic approach that goes beyond marketing
December 22, 2021

Regardless of your industry or vertical there are a multitude of competitors to get ahead of. It pays to leverage a strategic approach that goes beyond marketing. When growing your customer base is as much about keeping leads engaged as it is about getting your business and your products in front of them, UX and SEO must go hand in hand.

As a go-to provider of design, marketing, and automation services, Human Digital has seen first-hand how a fast, intelligently structured website can do wonders for any business’s lead conversion efforts. 

Optimisation makes it easy for potential customers to find you, while a great UX enables them to stay with you. That is why we employ tried and tested principles of graphic design along with integrations that improve your website’s speed and navigability.

Our team has created countless user-friendly platforms that have led many of our clients to success. We still celebrate every milestone as though it were the first and we’re excited to announce that we’ve just received our eighth customer review on the B2B ratings platform, Clutch!

For this project, we helped a client launch their online store by building a Shopify site from scratch. We also helped the client expand on their brand by establishing a colour scheme and creating other visual elements that aligned with their existing logo. We optimized the site and ran it through user testing to set the seal on its ease of use. 

“Human Digital facilitated a really straightforward process. Furthermore, their values aligned with ours, and they truly understood our needs.”
— Founder, The Untypical

Communication was key to our reception of the client’s ideas and expectations. It ultimately allowed us to maintain our transparency, timeliness, and collaborative relationship with the customer.

Glowing reviews on Clutch aside, we have also ranked for our stellar UI/UX design services on another B2B company listings platform called Top Design Firms. Gaining additional credibility and visibility in one week? Not bad for a winning streak!

Naturally, we have our clients to thank for this success. Your honest insight and confidence in our abilities have taken us quite far and will doubtless take us even further.

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