Designing for racial equity

In a letter to students and stakeholders, Suz and Coe, IDEO Partners and Managing Directors at IDEO U, recognised that even with their commitment to diversity, they’ve fallen short in their efforts to be inclusive.
June 17, 2020

As a past student of IDEO U, I received the email below this week and it reminded me of the inherent bias we all have, and of the work we all need to do as designers to ensure we design in inclusive ways.

Thank you IDEO U for being humble, honest, and a positive force in the movement for racial equality and justice.

As we sit with the events of the last few weeks, we humbly recognize that even with our deep commitment to diversity, we’ve fallen short in our efforts to be inclusive. We must hold ourselves accountable for the ways we have perpetuated systemic racism and excluded the Black community as a result. We have a collective responsibility to design new systems.

At IDEO U, we are dedicated to learning—not only in our course offerings but within our organization. We are taking a deeper look at our learning experiences and marketing programs to identify the ways we can better support Black leaders and learners, empower people around the world to create lasting change, and invest for the long haul.  

It is our responsibility to be a positive force in the movement for racial equality and justice. Read more about our commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion across IDEO in the following five focus areas: talent, training, community, design, and culture. We are on a learning journey and welcome your feedback (email us at

With respect and gratitude, Suz and Coe, IDEO Partners and Managing Directors, IDEO U

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