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Human Digital designed the feed for Cafeideas Instagram, they have been a client with us for the past 3 years getting assistance on their branding, social media and digital marketing
Social Media
August 18, 2022


Cafeideas is a family owned and operated company that has been supplying the hospitality industry for more than 15 years. From commercial kitchen equipment to cafe furniture we have a solution to suit every business's needs. 

From restaurants to café’s and pubs, Cafeideas has one of the largest ranges of catering equipment, commercial kitchen equipment and café furniture for everyone.


Back in 2019, Cafeideas was in need of a social media marketing manager with a strong focus on content strategy. Over the years we have developed a service for Cafeideas that includes socials and weekly EDM's. Continuous improvements and research result in the evolution of content and strategies in order to maximise the efficiency and impact of the digital marketing channels of Cafeideas.


Over the years, the requirements and purpose of social media platforms have changed significantly, allowing people to directly purchase from the social media channels and making it essential to have a visual language that is consistent and appealing. It is also important to create visually aesthetic but digestible content that caters to sales when dealing with e-commerce brands. When designing a content strategy, the focus should be on the brand, its clients satisfaction and informative product description to create a persona for a customer to imagine the products in their space . 

This is exactly what our design team took into consideration when creating their new feed and planned posts. We observed the commercial furniture companies in Australia and around the world to learn what we can and redesigned the posts that were in line with the market and introduced 'special posts' that promoted the products the client wanted to showcase. We aesthetically arranged the posts showcasing the range, pictures of their customers using the furniture and hero posts that highlighted a part of the range.

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Ben van Rooy

Strategy Director

Nick Brown

Marketing Director