Black & White Coffee Website

A Unique Coffee Experience - The Design and Development of Black & White Coffee’s Website by Human Digital
October 17, 2023

Project Overview

Client: Black and White Coffee
Project Name: Black and White Coffee's Website
Deliverables: Shopify Website, Brand Analysis
Industry: Food and Beverage

About Black and White Coffee

Black & White Coffee, based in Christchurch New Zealand, is an authentic coffee shop chain that brings the traditional European style of coffee brewing to its stores. The unique selling proposition lies in their fresh onsite roasting method. Unlike the conventional New Zealand model, every Black & White Coffee store houses its own coffee roaster, allowing guests to watch their coffee transition from raw bean to a perfectly brewed cup right before their eyes.

The Challenge

Human Digital was approached to design and develop a website for Black & White Coffee that not only conveys the brand’s commitment to authentic coffee experience but also integrates their story, philosophy, and unique roasting process.


  1. Develop a responsive website to showcase the unique coffee experience.
  2. Create an intuitive ecommerce experience that integrates shipping and customer communications
  3. Showcase the coffees, teas and merchandise sold by Black and White Coffee
  4. Integrate the brand story and philosophy and highlight the benefits of onsite small batch roasting.

The Solution

Seamless User Journey

The e-commerce platform, tailored with Shopify, is designed with user ease in mind. Products are categorically organised, allowing users to effortlessly navigate between coffee, tea, merchandise, and other offerings. High-resolution imagery, detailed product descriptions, and intuitive user interface ensure a virtual coffee experience that’s truly reflective of Black & White Coffee’s brand ethos.

Responsive Web Design

Human Digital crafted a visually appealing website, optimised for both mobile and desktop users. High-quality imagery was used to portray the live roasting process, enticing the users with the experience they would have in-store.

Brand Story Integration

The website takes visitors on a journey – starting from the rich history of coffee shops to Black & White Coffee's unique approach in Christchurch New Zealand. This narrative approach ensured visitors connected with the brand ethos right from the first interaction.

The Outcome

Website Traffic

Since its launch, Black & White Coffee's newly revamped website has garnered significant attention and engagement. The website attracts 4,000 visitors every month, solidifying Black & White Coffee's position in the digital coffee landscape.

Enhanced Brand Engagement

The integration of the brand story led to deeper connections with visitors, with many leaving positive feedback about their newfound appreciation for Black & White Coffee's approach.

Educated Consumers

The interactive roasting process section received the highest click-through rates, showcasing the visitors’ interest in understanding the unique roasting method.

We at Human Digital are incredibly proud of the successful partnership with Black and White Coffee and are excited to share this case study, which demonstrates our commitment to innovation and excellence in the digital realm.

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