Ace your Social Media Strategy for 2023

Social media platforms are continuously evolving, making it essential for businesses to monitor and adjust their Digital Marketing strategies to keep up with the trends and ensure success for many years to come.
Digital Marketing
October 28, 2022

This article will help you understand the foundations of creating a social media strategy that works for your business and will get you the results you want!

Where do I start?

When it comes to creating a social media strategy from scratch, the first thing you should do is record your current position. Look at the level of engagement and response you get on your channels and what kind of message you are sending out there. Once you have done this social media audit, you have a starting point to measure the impact of your new strategy and set some goals.

I’ve set my goals, what now?

It is time to see how you are going to achieve them. Most of your social media goals will be content related which requires you to add a content strategy as part of your social media marketing strategy.

Your content strategy serves as a guiding tool to the type of content you will be sharing with your followers and should be focussed on three things: Quality, Branding, Value-Adding.

High-Quality content has become a standard for any business that wants to promote their products and services on social media. Especially short videos have shown to produce the highest levels of exposure and engagements. When posting this content, it is important to make sure it is recognisable for your audience in line with your brand identity, allowing you to build a reputation within your industry target group. 

I’ve got my content, can I start sharing?

YES! Show your target audience what your business is all about! Make sure that you use relevant hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to appear on your market’s feed and interact with your audience to enhance engagement and traffic.

Scheduling tools like Sprout and Hootsuite can help you optimise your posting times, so you reach as many people as possible. Be sure to create engaging stories and a strong CTA when posting as this will support your content and help achieve your goals in 2023. You should monitor and track your progress and don’t be afraid to innovate or change your strategies throughout the year as the trends are always emerging.

If you are too busy to work on a strategy, or you need help with acing your social media channels in 2023, don’t be afraid to contact Human Digital and explore how we can support you and your business.

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