8 graphic design trends to look out for in 2022

Graphic design is key to making your digital marketing content stand out and convert.
October 28, 2021

Here are the 2022 graphic design predictions according to infographic maker and online data visualisation tool, Venngage.

  1. Inclusive Visuals
    Visuals are getting more inclusive and diverse, as people, icons, and images are no longer white, male, and able-bodied. They now include a more diverse range of people, and there is an increased representation of marginalised groups.
  2. Fun Data Visualisations
    Data visualisation makes it easier to communicate and comprehend complex information, so brands increasingly use it to engage audiences with fun topics. In addition, consumers have become more accustomed to charts and graphs.
  3. Bold Backgrounds
    Bold and bright colours for backgrounds are back in. They are better at getting people’s attention on busy feeds and making information stick out on key visuals.
  4. Colourful Icons and Illustrations
    Colourful icons and illustrations share marketing messages at a glance and attract attention more easily. While illustrations are open to interpretation, icons convey universal meanings, making them powerful visual communication tools.
  5. Serif Fonts
    Serif fonts have been making a comeback during the past year, and this trend is set to continue throughout 2022. Representing a safer, simpler time, Serif fonts confer an air of trust to marketing visuals and branding.
  6. Branded Memes
    Memes have become an established, universal visual language. They share a message without needing to specify a context because the images they are built on are often well-known. Businesses are using them to add light-mindedness to their online presence and to communicate easily with their customers.
    The social media landscape was once awash with quotes. We are not talking about the inspirational quotes shared by relatives but instead quotes from blogs, podcasts, videos, and webinars, that give audiences a little idea of what to expect from a piece of content.
  8. Social Screenshots
    “Cross-pollination between social media channels has gone to the next level,” with posts being shared across social media platforms. Screenshots of posts published on one channel are increasingly being shared on others.

Source: WERSM

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