Founded in 1981 as Wash Systems Limited by Des and Gary Brent, Washtech has grown to become New Zealand's largest manufacturer of professional dishwashing equipment. With a product range that spans commercial undercounters, passthroughs, warewashers, and rack conveyors, the company has nearly four decades of experience in delivering efficient and reliable dishwashing solutions. In 1999, Washtech became a part of the Ali Group, the world's largest manufacturer of hospitality equipment. Despite its global reach, Washtech continues to manufacture all its products in New Zealand, leveraging a broad network of local suppliers. The company is proud of its long-standing history and its role as an official supplier for Emirates Team New Zealand in their 2021 America's Cup campaign.


Washtech was utilizing an outdated database system for their knowledge base document management. The system's lack of vendor support and suboptimal user interface severely hindered efficient document retrieval processes for both internal staff and external customers.


Our team formulated and executed a seven-step strategy to transition Washtech to a modern, efficient knowledge base system:Identified Knowledge Base Requirements: Conducted a comprehensive analysis to understand the specific needs and preferences for Washtech's new knowledge base.Selected New System: Evaluated various platforms and chose one that met Washtech's criteria for usability and functionality.Designed Knowledge Base Site: Customized the layout and user interface to make it intuitive and user-friendly.Loaded Documents: Migrated all existing documents from the Lotus system to the new platform, ensuring data integrity and accessibility.Created Staff and Customer Guides: Developed easy-to-follow guides and tutorials to help both staff and customers navigate the new system.Supported Creating Launch Communications: Assisted in the preparation and dissemination of communication materials to announce the new knowledge base system.Testing and Support: Conducted rigorous testing to ensure the platform met all requirements and provided ongoing support for a smooth transition.


Implement a modern and efficient knowledge base system for Washtech, focusing on user-friendly design and intuitive navigation, which facilitates easy document discovery and enhances internal and customer interaction efficiency.



The new knowledge base system provided a modern, intuitive experience for Washtech, allowing for easy document discovery through robust filtering and search functionalities. This significantly enhanced the efficiency of both internal operations and customer interactions.


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