Deloitte Data and AI website design

Human Digital designed and developed a CMS-coded website for Deloitte Data & AI consulting tailored to get potential hires, as well as partners and potential clients
June 13, 2022


Deloitte is a multinational IT consulting company engaged with Human Digital for their CMS expertise to create a client-facing website. The key deliverable for this project was the CMS-coded website that presents Deloitte Data and AI company and what they do to prospective clients. The platform also contains products that Deloitte Data and AI has built and a CTA to show how people can get in touch with the team for partnerships and career opportunities.

Our work

Human Digital collaborated with the Deloitte Data & AI team to map out the customer journey and understand the scope of the website. After the initial scope was determined, the Human Digital team commenced work on the initial design direction, collecting the content for the web pages, and building out the initial wireframes. Throughout the design and development process the Human Digital team made sure there was a continuous line of communication between the team and the client to make sure that the website represented the department and create a human-centred experience for the website visitors


The end deliverable of this project is an MVP style website that is tailored to potential hires, as well as partners and potential clients. The website features custom animations and is optimised for mobile usage, allowing for an enjoyable digital experience. The website is built on a CMS that allows the client to amend and update content, allowing them to have a proactive influence on the website and keeping all content up to date after launch. 


“We were very impressed with their responsiveness and deep understanding of our business challenges. They guided us through some of our ideas to see what was suitable for the website.”

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