ABB Unstoppable Campaign

Human Digital created a digital marketing campaign for ABB to promote their Unstoppable film series the harnesses the power of diversity to drive progress.
Digital Marketing
November 27, 2023

We are pleased to share the results of the ABB Process Automation's Global Unstoppable campaign which attracted 15.6m impressions and 3.5m video views across LinkedIn and YouTube.

The campaign, which ran for 4 months from March to July 2023, was designed to amplify brand awareness and engagement across global markets through captivating storytelling and innovative digital strategies.

ABB’s “Unstoppable” campaign’s key message is that diversity and inclusion in the workplace is an essential factor in driving growth and innovation. They highlight the amazing work that women in STEM fields are doing at ABB’s own locations. “Unstoppable” is mean to inspire everyone to call for greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace, drive the conversation forward, and showcase the success of women.

Key Highlights of the Unstoppable Campaign

Global Reach

The campaign spanned globally, targeting key regions including Europe (Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Germany), South America (Brazil, Peru, Chile), North America (Canada, United States), Australia, Africa Middle East (South Africa, Saudi Arabia), and Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, India), resulting in 15,637,161 impressions.

Compelling Storytelling

It featured powerful narratives of three barrier-breaking women from different parts of the world: Chithra Sharma, Chief of Procurement at Tata Steel India; Tove Thelin Täckdal, Concentrating Plant Manager at Copperstone Resources; and Marjorie Boles, Global Chief Information Officer at Sappi.

YouTube Views

The YouTube segment of the campaign garnered remarkable results, delivering 9.4m impressions and 2.9m views. It successfully engaged viewers and expanded the ABB Process Automation YouTube subscribers.

LinkedIn Engagement

The campaign's LinkedIn efforts bolstered 6.2m impressions and over 27,000 clicks. The film content posted over 750,000 views on each of the three films while the carousel ads boosted awareness with 392k impressions. 

Regional Success

The campaign resonated across the globe, but it was especially impactful near the equator with countries such as Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and India topping the charts.

Nick Brown, Digital Director at Human Digital, remarked:

"Utilising storytelling in video campaigns is an effective strategy for bolstering brand awareness, as demonstrated on both YouTube and LinkedIn with this campaign. The campaign showed strong performance relative to the set KPIs and benchmarks on both platforms."

Looking Forward

Building upon the success of the Unstoppable campaign, ABB PAPI Global plans to continue promoting the Unstoppable stories to maintain brand awareness and foster important industry conversations. The company also aims to enhance engagement and reach by introducing 30-second edited versions of the videos. The strategy will be further localised to cater to specific regions and markets, ensuring a 'global' approach for maximum impact.

*Note: This press release summarises the key highlights of the Unstoppable campaign digital report released by ABB PAPI Global in July 2023. All data and figures mentioned are based on the contents of the report.*

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