Yeni Shin

Digital Marketer

Yeni Shin

In her final year pursuing a conjoint degree in Commerce and Arts at the University of Auckland, Yeni's journey has been shaped by a mix of academics, diverse professional experiences, and her passions.

Her path began with a role in Sales and Marketing at an email security solutions company, where she embraced the value of building relationships and thriving within teams. This laid the groundwork for her transition into a UX Researcher role at Atlassian, where she learned about and contributed towards the interplay between user experience and product development. 

Yeni's true enthusiasm lies in marketing and strategy. Her journey reached a significant milestone as she represented the University of Auckland in international case competitions, where her strategic finesse was showcased. Alongside, the pleasure of coaching teams on case-cracking skills reflects her commitment to fostering growth within others.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Yeni finds fulfilment and challenge in her interests outside of work, including running, netball, and bouldering. These hobbies ground her and provide a balanced perspective. With this diverse background, Yeni aspires to make meaningful contributions to marketing and strategy, carrying her experiences and passions forward.


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