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Research from HBR that measures digital progress and adoption by industry shows uneven progress.  Unsurprisingly the technology sector comes out on top with media, finance, and professional services next, all of which have more sophisticated digital capabilities than the rest of the economy.

On top of the macro-level differences, some lagging sectors have some standout organisations that are pushing the forward and leading the way for everyone else.


The study identified six key groups:

  1. Knowledge intesive industries that are highly digitised
  2. Capital intensive industries with the potential to digitise their physical assets
  3. Service industires to digitise their customer transactions
  4. B2B industries with potential to digitally enagage with their customers
  5. Labour intensive organisations with pointeitiaon to provide digital tools to their workforce
  6. Government and public organisations that lag across most dimensions

It is clear technology has yet to empower many employees, which means that most businesses are missing opportunities for greater efficiency and enhanced customer experience.  Companies need employees to bring greater digital skills on their activities to unleash innovation and capture efficiencies at an organisational level.

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