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I recently came across this article from Business Insider comparing the Tesla experience to Mercedes-Benz. This NYC example shows that the Tesla experience is not just a fancy showroom, it is the way customers feel in the space and how they are treated by employees.

Here is one of my favorite comparisons:

When I first walked in, I was approached by a friendly and outgoing Tesla employee. Her enthusiasm didn’t wane when she learned that I wasn’t in the market for a car. She explained Tesla’s business model, vehicles, and energy business clearly and concisely. She and her colleagues reminded me of a hybrid between Apple employees and traditional car salespeople, combining the former’s approachability with the latter’s extraversion and persistence.

In contrast to my time at the Tesla store, I wasn’t asked if I needed help for over ten minutes. Once I replied that I didn’t, I wasn’t approached for the rest of my time in the dealership. That wasn’t a bad thing, since nothing about my activity indicated I wanted to buy a car or needed assistance, but it did reveal a key difference between the two brand’s sales philosophies.

Check it out the full article here: 

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